Weight Gain Causes- Reasons Why Your Body Is Gaining Weight

What Are The Roots Of Weight Gain In Our Bodies

Considering our modern sedentary lifestyle, there is a wide variety of reasons that we may gain excess weight. It could be any one of the
reasons mentioned below or a combination of several.

1. Dieting

Dieting can and does make you fat. As you reduce your food intake to lose weight, your body puts itself on 'famine alert'. It gets the idea that food is scarce and slows down your metabolism to make the best of the small amount of food it is receiving.

weight gain

When we say we want to lose weight, what we really want to lose is fat. If we lose weight too quickly, almost 25 percent of that weight loss may be coming from water, muscle and lean tissue.

The reason behind this is that the body is designed to hold on to fat, so the body concentrates on breaking down muscle and losing water in an effort to hold on to its fat.

If that is your goal plan to shed pounds, it is definitely going to be unsuccessful.

Once you lose weight unexpectedly after which you return to your everyday food routine, your body automatically starts to store a higher percentage of your intake as fat.

This is due to the fact that your body wants to stock up on fat reserves in case such a famine happens again.

Dieting often involves cutting down the consumption of a particular kind of food or just overall consumption. This may close some of the avenues of essential nutrients that our body needs.

2. Too much food and not enough exercise

If you eat more than you burn, you will put on weight. However, if the number of calories you consume is less than the calories being used by the activity and exercise, you will lose the excess weight.

Weight Gain

Based on relatively recent research, we now know that the type of calories we consume is a crucial factor as well.

In other words, we need to consider the type of calories we are consuming and whether they come from fat, carbohydrate or protein.

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3. The type of food we eat

Research has shown that people who are overweight and those who are not can often eat about the same number of calories. The difference lies in the types of food they are eating.

A popular theory is that too many fats will make you fat. This is true in principle as saturated fats are not very healthy. However, you should remember that some fats are crucial to your body, thus the name ‘essential’ fatty acids.

Following the same principle, several people go on low fats or no fat diets without knowing that meals that are low in fat or have no fats tend to be better in sugar and salt to be able to make it more palatable.

This is what will make fat, as sugar and other fast releasing foods invariably encourage weight gain.

This is how it works. The speed at which such foods release blood sugar determines whether or not you will gain weight, because every time you eat, your body has a choice to either burn that food as energy or store it as fat.

Higher insulin levels cause your body to change your food into fat and also prevents it from breaking down stored fat.

4. Nutritional deficiencies

Food can either be converted into fat or energy. When your body stores what you eat, you will probably put on weight, unless your body can use it for energy.

Whether food is burned or stored is determined by a number of chemical reactions taking place in your body.

These chemical reactions are activated by enzymes, which are dependent on vitamins and minerals.

Weight Gain

Therefore, it follows that if your body is suffering a deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins in even the smallest amounts, then you almost inevitably stand a far greater chance of gaining weight.

This is one of the major reasons that adding dietary supplements to your diet begins to make more sense.

All the vitamins and minerals that the modern diet is particularly lacking in need to be made up by ingesting regular dietary supplements that can quickly and efficiently replace the nutrients that are missing.

They act as fuel for helping the body burn fat and are also responsible for keeping people energized.

When the average person feels more energized, then exercising as a means of assisting weight loss also becomes that much easier.

We may think we are eating well but this often means that we are eating what we don’t need and not eating what we do need. Supplements eliminate that risk by giving your body that edge it needs.

5. Prescription Drugs

Sometimes, weight gain is linked to certain medications such as the contraceptive pill and steroids. Some antidepressants can also result in increased appetite and this can, of course, lead to weight gain too.

While a few prescribed drugs are surely vital, you can still fight the weight gain side effects taking into consideration the alternative dietary supplements that could aid in suppressing a person’s urge for food naturally.

6. Food Allergies

Sometimes allergic to food would also be an obstacle to losing weight. The kind of food allergies we are discussing about here no longer involve one immediately breaking out into a rash after consuming peanuts, and so forth.

Causes Of Weight Gain

Our immune system protects us from minor food allergies. A clue to this is when you start craving a kind of food that you consume very regularly.

If a food allergy does in fact exist, the food can become mildly addictive, and you actually feel compelled to eat it. Your body will react by storing away that food rather than using it for energy, in order to protect you.

If you are eating too many of the foods that you are actually allergic to, you will certainly put on weight rapidly. You can now get yourself tested to establish if you have a certain allergy to a variety of foods.

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7. Yeast Overgrowth

We all possess the yeast ‘candida’ in the gut. It is controlled by bacteria. When your immune system is not functioning at its best, the
proportion of healthy bacteria is reduced, which causes the candida to grow out of control.

Causes Of Weight Gain

The excess growth of candida can be due to the overuse of the contraceptive pill, steroids, and excessive use of antibiotics.

The signs of yeast overgrowth include sugar cravings, cravings for wine, bread or cheese, chronic thrush, fatigue, feeling spacing out, getting drunk on a small amount of alcohol and feeling bloated.

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Weight Gain Causes- Reasons Why Your Body Is Gaining Weight
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