Wellness Fitness and You

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Fitness gyms need your monthly fees in order to remain operational. They have no real concern about the condition of your immune system. Physical fitness is a condition of the body alone. Hospitals and doctors need you as a patient in order to remain operational; they want you to know you need to be fit and well, but often leave out important pieces that affect your wellness and, therefore, your ability to be fit.

Introducing…Wellness Fitness And you

Everything you need to know about wellness and fitness is included in this special report:

  1. Wellness of the body, spirit and mind
  2. Evaluating your own wellness needs
  3. Benefits of Meditation for wellness
  4. Evaluating fitness needs
  5. Understanding the role of metabolism in fitness and wellness
  6. Controlling metabolism
    You even learn about specific wellness and fitness situations like these:
  7. Adolescent obesity
  8. The role of geography in your fitness
  9. The effect of income on your health
  10. The connection between intelligence and health



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