Muscle Gaining Recipes

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Quite honestly, a quality bodybuilding diet can get a little dull at times. This is a bad thing for those looking to bulk because when you start looking less and less forward to eating, you start eating less and less. And as you well know, your ability to gain weight and build muscle is dependent on your ability to consistently eat to a caloric surplus.

With Tasty Fat Loss and Muscle Building Recipes, Will Brink gives you 25 recipes to keep your palate interested and clamoring for more. In typical Brink Fashion, this recipe ebook is a well-organized resource.

Each recipe tells you the approximate calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat you can expect from your cooking. There are also some interesting facts and cooking tips with each recipe.

My favorites from the ebook include the “Spicy Unfries”, the “Turkey Chili” and the “Cheesy Scrambled Eggs.” There are also some good protein shake and protein bar recipes.

Worth the download? Absolutely. Boredom at meal time is a warning sign for decreased gains. Good stuff here and it will help you see that you don’t need to eat bland to look good. A little kitchen work (and none of these recipes are too difficult) can help you keep those muscle gains coming.



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