Paleo Fitness

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Everyone is on a “diet.” Everything you see on TV, read online, browse in the latest magazines, or even spot on a subway
advertisement contains the latest and greatest “secret tip” or “magic pill” or “can’t-lose celebrity diet.”

Over the past decade during my journey of knowledge in nutrition, activity, adventure, functional training, fitness and endurance
races, I’ve studied, experimented with, and written about vegetarianism, veganism, no-carb, carbohydrate manipulation, high protein and nutrition for ultra-endurance athletes. Now, with the knowledge and guidance from one of the premiere spokespeople
for Paleo fitness and nutrition, Darryl Edwards, and the tireless research and testing of my right-hand man, Jason Warner, I’m
pleased to present Paleo Fitness: A Nutrition and Training Program for Athletes on the Caveman Diet.

What You’ll Get In The Ebook

  1. Paleo Nutrition
  2. 2 Week Paleo Meal Plan
  3. Paleo Workouts
  4. Paleo Fitness programs
  5. And many more


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