Home Gym-What Does Price Mean And How to Get Started

Start Your Own Home Gym-What You Should Know.

If you’ve heard the saying, you get what you pay for, this is certainly true with home gym equipment. It’s not all
high priced madness though. Actually, the more costly the home gym means it will last longer and be stronger. Unless you are wanting heavy duty body-building, extremely high quality home gyms may be a  waste of money. Finding a middle ground between affordability and quality gives value for money. The general trend is to start up somewhere between $500-$2000, get something with as much training variety as possible, and think about long term prospects.

- Will you always have space limitations? If so, paying extra for foldaway equipment will be worth it.

- Is your home gym for specialized body building? Remember, as you get stronger and heavier, the amount you can lift, or pressure on machines increases also. Cheaper equipment will break down under stress it isn’t designed for.

- Will there be enough variety to keep you interested? Effective exercise is about cross training and working as
many muscles as we can in different ways. Moreover, boring means less inclination to exercise.

- Are you the only person who’ll be using it? Something that suits you may not suit a partner, teenage child or
brother. Home gyms are a big investment, financially and time-wise.

How to Get Started With a Home Gym

Any complete exercise program has three main parts. Giving the body a complete workout does not mean daily strenuous exercise. In fact, using a home gym, even in limited space, can put you on the road to fitness. Target your home gym to body needs. To burn fat effectively regular cardio, heart/lung, workouts must be done. You don’t have to run for two hours a day to get that. A treadmill, stepper or bike is great. To burn fat, do enough to break a light sweat.

If you can have a conversation with someone but not sing to them, is about the right zone. Sustaining this level for at-least an hour is preferable. 3-4 times a week is enough. As you get more fit, increase the speed or resistance at
which you workout in order to maintain the fat burning level. Perfect in the lounge corner while listening to music.

The next part is muscle conditioning. It is normally achieved by resistance training, in slow controlled movements. Anything adding resistance to a movement does this, weights, push-ups, rowing machine, for example. Regular sets of repetitions, in which the resistance increases and not the repetitions, can take as little as 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

The third should come after warm up and cool down. Stretching lengthens muscles and eases soreness. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own home gym. Consult your doctor before getting started in the home gym.

Research sellers, friends/family who have home gyms, and narrow down possibilities before you make any purchase.
Buying used is an option, but remember you have no guarantees on previous treatment.

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