Ways To Enhance Home Fitness on a Budget

Get Home Fitness on a Budget

Having a busy program has led to most people doing their fitness routines outside the margins of a commercial fitness hub. However, that isn't the only cause why most don't enroll to a gym anymore.

Budget has now become one of the main reasons why for some, it is most practical to exercise at home.

Here are some of the things you can do to stay in shape without having to pay for a membership and spend time commuting to your gym.


Contrary to what most people think, hiking is not a weekend activity. And not because you carry a backpack that can hold all your survival stuffs means that you have to stay overnight on the trail.

Hiking can be a regular exercise routine, which can be done several hours a day on your free day, especially if live near hiking parks and trails. Hiking is free and can burn as much as 550 calories per hour.

Walking. Jogging. Running.

Putting on your rubber shoes and going around the neighborhood may not be as adventuresome as hiking in parks and trails, but you can still get almost the same health benefits and physical fitness. A good hour of walking can burn up to 380 calories. Jogging and running can burn much more than that.

However, the main disadvantage of walking around the neighborhood is you cannot do it all throughout the year.

When the weather is bad or if the winter season has begun, you cannot simply go out and run around the neighborhood (this is the reason why treadmill is so popular).

Still, it is still better to maximize the warm days by walking or jogging around the neighborhood than just sitting on your couch and do nothing. Plus, it is free.

Home DVDs

Over the past years, home videos have vastly improved creating quality and very useful training techniques that often require little or no equipment. From $10 to $30, you can get professionally made workout DVD regardless of your fitness level.

Take note: do not be too concerned of the celebrities that endorse these products. What you should be looking out for is if the instructional video is created by a credible fitness professional.

Use your existing exercise machine.

It is estimated that 80% of exercise equipment bought in the United States is not used after the first year. This astonishing number only results to one thing: if you consider purchasing new fitness equipments, you are most likely to stop using it after a while.

And if you have purchased one before, you'll likely be still having it somewhere around your house. That leaves us to the question, do your really need to buy a new one? If you already have existing equipment and if it is functioning well, use it again.

There's nothing wrong with using old exercise equipment. What is wrong is actually buying a new one knowing that you can still use something.

Buy the basics

Having a treadmill or an elliptical trainer at home is cool but that doesn't mean that you must buy one. Remember that they only simulate activities you can do outdoors so you can always choose to forego buying any one of these if you cannot afford to buy one.

Just buy the basics like weights, exercise mat and exercise ball. They all provide various workout techniques but do not cost as much.

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