15 Ways To Help You Stick to Your Exercise Routine

How To Stick To Your Exercise Routine Daily

In most cases it is so easy to talk yourself out of exercising. No matter how psyched up you're and when you have the best intentions to do your daily strength training exercise, excuses are normally the easiest to find -- tiresome, boredom, weather condition or being busy are usually the first to come up to your mind.

Getting the right attitude is really tricky and to have adequate preparedness to keep you on track during your routine you need to follow these tips and everything else runs so smooth.

1.  Make natural food choices

Go through the pantry and donate anything that is in a box, can or frozen from a processed source.  The more natural the foods you eat – in their most raw states, the more energy you will derive from it.  For the food shop frequently to keep fresh organic foods readily available.

The more money spent on marketing a food item, the worse off it is for you. If the food was around 100+ years ago, it’s most likely good for you and not genetically modified, fortified or altered from its natural state.

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 2.  Rely on the Thermic Effect of Food

Ten to 35 % of our metabolism can come from the Thermic Effect of Food – which is the energy needed to process the food consumed.

If you eat 5 – 6 smaller meals a day, you will never feel like you are on a diet, your energy will be steady, you will never go into a hyperglycemic situation and your body will become a fat burning machine which will be prepared to exercise at any give time.

Each meal should be a mini version of what you are likely used to if you currently eat 3 meals a day.  Every meal should contain a lean protein, a starchy carbohydrate and a fibrous carbohydrate.

3.  Change Your State

Once you make up your mind about something, become relentless about it and the process of achieving the result is much more seamless. When you decide you want to feel and look better and acquire the knowledge to do so, making the right decisions regarding eating and exercising becomes effortless.

Relate your health to other accomplishments you have achieved in your life. To decide means to cut off any other possibility.  Make your health a must in your schedule and in all of your decisions.

The Workout Rule

4.  Apply the 90 / 10 rule

If 90 percent of the time you are making healthful food choices in the right amounts and you are exercising regularly and intensely, enjoy the other 10% of the time without an ounce of guilt.

You can plan ahead for your 10% if you know a party is coming up over the weekend or if you will be traveling and have to miss a workout.  But in the event that you are overcomed by the dessert menu, indulge without any remorse and know the very next meal that you will be back on track.

5. Warm up before a strength training session

Warming up increases blood flow to muscles by about 55%, giving you better muscle contraction. You’ll sweat earlier, which helps to regulate your body temperature.

It additionally jump starts off the neuromuscular connection which initiates the release of carbohydrate and fats enzymes and hormones at the same time lowering your perceived exertion all through strength training.  Just 5 mins of taking walks or biking will meet this requirement.

6. Vary your cardio workouts

Alternate among two or more cardiovascular exercises like jogging and cycling or kickboxing and step aerobics.  This will help to optimally increase your cardiovascular fitness, preserve the fun in physical exercise, help you to stop over-training, as well as injuries. Bottom line, you will burn up more calories.

7. Incorporate several cardio strategies

Use a combination of continuous, circuit, interval and Fartlek (speed play) training. Changing techniques forces your body to adapt and emerge more efficiently.  Vary the intensity and modify impact patterns.

For instance, if you have been taking walks or running via the same  path at the same pace every day, begin to incorporate bursts of acceleration intermittently.  The main principle is that change is what maintains the body progressing, making improvements and burning fat.

8. Plan your exercises in Phases

Organize your exercises right into a cyclic strategy.  For example, for 2 to 4 weeks, workout at a low intensity for 45 to 60 mins, and then, for the next few weeks, perform 20 to 40 min at your maximum intensity.

The following 2 to 3 weeks, workout at a moderate intensity for 30 to 45 minutes. This system allows you to maintain a high level of fitness and not over-train.  This cycling workout technique will help your body become more efficient at fat burning and your body keeps on progressing.

9. Circuit Train

Perform several strengthening exercises interspersed with a short cardio segments. For example perform a leg press, lateral pull down and abdominal crunch followed by 3 minutes of cycling.

Then repeat another 3 strength exercises followed by 3 minutes of walking.  Circuit training has a much less drop rate, it is an efficient calorie burner, decreases body fat and increases muscular strength.

10. Strength Training with Multi-Joint workouts

Choose exercises that help generally in compound muscle groups – which means more than one muscle group at each time.  This will enhance the most mileage per exercise for you.  Examples like these include lunges, squats, and push ups.

For every pound of muscle on your body you need 35 to 50 calories per day to sustain it, while every pound of fat on your body requires only a modest 2 calories per day.

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11. Eat a “primer” meal prior to working out

Having a small balanced meal prior to exercise will help you burn fat.  After you eat, your blood sugar rises and exercise acts like insulin to help regulate blood glucose.

More of eating will also contribute a lot of energy for more intense exercise – you will thus burn more calories.

12. Exercise with intensity

To get the full benefits of exercise, you must leave the “pinky weights” and moderate walking.  Do not fear to increase your resistance and challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system.

For you to change, you have to be at the peak of your physical limits beyond what you are normally used to.

13.  Stay hydrated.

For the excessive fat to be metabolized, it have to be released from the fat cell and then be transported by the bloodstream where it is shunted to the liver and other active tissues to be used as fuel.

If you are in a dehydrated state, the liver has to come to the aid of the kidneys and can’t focus on it’s role of releasing fat.

A general rule of thumb is to take your body weight and multiply it by .55 to estimate how many ounces of water you should consume daily.

strength training

14.  Exercise using bursts of acceleration and recovery.

Research shows that heart rate variability is the greatest predictor of health. To train for the greatest heart rate ranges, perform bursts of activity throughout the day.

For example, you can sprint out to the mail box, run in place for 60 seconds while your food is heating up or burst up 3 flights of stairs.

Generally, having short bursts in the course of the day contributes to the amount of fat lost, the calories burned, improved health and mental clarity.

15.  Exercise with a friend

Your chances of sticking and following your workout program are higher when you are joined by your friend who works toward a similar goal. Having accountability to a friend or partner is more motivating and encouraging than exercising alone.

Choose a partner who is important to you, who shares in your goals and is of a similar physical ability (or slightly better).

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